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Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Espa?ol para extranjeros
Pass  (2009)


Information about Spanisch

Hola, buenos días!

My name is Lorena, I am Spanish teacher from Colombia, and part of your [contact detail removed]

All our [contact detail removed] is eager to help you with your Spanish learning for...
* your professional life,
* conversation practice,
* your next travel in Latin America / Spain,
* improving your general Spanish.

We are very glad that you had decided to learn Spanish and we are sure, we can give you the Spanish language in a living way in order to be able to express yourself in real situations.

We offer the best online Spanish lessons with:

* Experienced and qualified teachers
* Guide book.
* Online resources
* native speakers for language exchange
* The best prices:

____ Online resources ____
On our Website, you have everything you need to learn:

* Experienced and qualified teachers, they will check every homework and exercise you do and always will give you a feedback.
* vocabulary trainer
* conjugator trainer
* exercises with songs, audios and videos (with audio / text synchronization)
* Diverse exercises for reading, listening, writing and understanding.
* "telenovela" (for the colloquial Spanish, with guide text)
* games
* native speakers who will practice with you
* e-books and more!

All our resources are always for you, whenever you want, wherever you want.

____ Documents ____
* Guide book: The lessons will follow a set Spanish curriculum made for your needs.
This guide book includes grammar, exercises, songs, etc., and has been carefully developed over almost 7 years based on the Birkenbihl method, the brain-friendly method.

* Verbs flash cards: The most common verbs in Spanish with different colors / features in order to learn the rules without effort!
* Conjugation charts: A tool to remember the conjugations, big enough to print and hang on the wall.
* Phrases charts: Common phrases "in the restaurant", "at the disco", "in the hotel", etc.

We will send you the documents via e-mail. You don`t need to buy any book!

____ Prices ____
Private lessons: USD$ 19/ hour (60 minutes)
* 10 hours private lessons package: USD$ 180 (USD$ 18/ hour)
* 20 hours private lessons package: USD$ 340 (USD$ 17/ hour)

Special offers:
* 20 hours lessons with one teacher and 1 or 3 students (with you, 3 students at the maximum).

Total price: USD$ 200 (USD$10/ hour)

____ Online learning ____
You will learn in the comfort of your home or office. You just need a microphone, a camera and a good Internet connection. We will send you all documents by e-mail.

You will practice your Spanish skills with people from Colombia, Perú, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina... the list is huge! You will have friends wherever you want to travel!

Are you ready to begin?
Contact us!

Que tenga un buen día,

Availability: Monday - Sunday

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