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Ayent, Wallis
Wohnort: Ayent
Mitglied seit: 24/09/2014
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Information about Sébastien

I am currently completing a doctorate in Humanities at the University of Berne and looking for a job as a French teacher (French as a foreign language).
I can teach French as well as other disciplines.
I am a patient and smiling person who like interacting with young people.

Availability: I am available daily.

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Erfahrung:I started teaching by tutoring pupils while pursuing my studies at the University of Lausanne and realised how rewarding it is. I then included less advanced university students while finishing my education in Lausanne.
I had the opportunity to teach a language course to undergraduate students for two years. Since the beginning of this year, I have been teaching French as a foreign language to employees who need to speak French as they work in Romandie.
Thanks to these different experiences, I was able to develop and improve my pedagogical skills. I am flexible and able to adjust lesson plans to meet the students’ needs.

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