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Information about Lisa

Interesting, engaging and most importantly I help students achieve higher grades in the IB Diploma, via Skype, in English Literature, Language, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

From the comfort of your own home I can help you do better and give you an edge.

I base my work around transferable skills which help you across the curriculum. If you have ever been told: `you need more detail`, but haven`t been given clear guidance, I can help.

Every student is different and the first thing I do is listen to what you need and how you are doing. I will ask for a sample of work which I mark and give you feedback and suggested strategies based on exam criteria. I will provide you with a plan for how we are going to improve your grades. Each session you will understand what our objective is for the session and by the end you will have clear targets and understand what we are going to do next. The best way for you to gain long term success is to understand exactly how and why you are improving.

Availability: I am available via Skype. Times to be arranged.
Regular long term support through the Diploma or short term support for specific assignments.

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Erfahrung:I have 12 years of teaching experience within the IB Diploma programme. I am based in Switzerland, teaching in leading international schools. I have worked on projects with the International Baccalaureate based in the Hague, and have an excellent understanding of what is needed to gain the highest levels. I have taught English, Theory of Knowledge and overseen numerous Extended Essays. I have been tutoring for 7 years. I support your lessons in school and give you the edge you need to improve your grades. I believe in the success of approaches to learning skills and will aim to give you transferable strategies for writing, time management and ways of thinking which will help you across all your subjects.

Teaching career summary: Teacher of English and Head of English in the UK. Head of English and Deputy Head of Secondary in Swiss international schools. Independent consultant for the International Baccalaureate and schools assessor. Seven years tutoring experience in Diploma, MYP, IGCSE and A level.

Tutoring by Skype is a great platform. We can exchange documents numerous ways depending on what we are working on via email, google docs or dropbox, etc. We can do everything online we could do face to face.

References and further information available.

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